WMARC June Presentations

posted May 21, 2021, 2:46 AM by Greg Fitch

Upcoming presentations in June

June 2 Clint Bradford - K6LCS How to Work Amateur Satellites with Your HT
June 9 Tom Vinson - NY0V Sonar
June 10 (Mtg) Club social
June 16 Frank Donovan - W3LPL 1921 Transatlantic Test
June 23 Ned Stearns - AA7A Remote Station Challenges
June 30 Bill Barber - NE1B DMR Networks in New England

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WMARC Monthly meeting for May - Antenna Analyzers

posted May 10, 2021, 2:35 AM by Greg Fitch

The club continues to meet virtually on Zoom.  For more information about the Zoom video chat program please visit Zoom.us.

This month we are pleased to have Michael Aretsky  - N6MQL with us to share with us his presentation on  "Antenna Analyzers"  Our club meetings are held the second Thursday of the month and the May meeting will be this Thursday at 7pm on Zoom.

Antenna Analyzers
Michael's presentation will discuss the need for and use of antenna analyzers, including the RigExpert™ antenna and cable analyzer. In this presentation Michael will discuss the functions and features of several different antenna analyzers available on the market, and why one analyzer may be better than another. He will also explain the proper way to choose your analyzer that best serves your needs. Details will cover many of the newest exciting features that the Zoom "Green line" of antenna analyzers offer to the every day Ham Radio operator at a very affordable price.

Michael Aretsky, N6MQL, has been owner of PNC Engineering Sales and Service based out of Sacramento, California for over 28 years. PNC Engineering is a US Distributor of RigExpert products and provides surface mount component level warranty and non warranty repairs to all RigExpertCare customers. Michael is also Chief Engineer to RigExpert USA, the US importer of the RigExpert antenna analyzer line of products. RigExpert USA serves as the North, South American and  Pacific region distribution channel.

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W1 SOTA Campout 2021

posted May 10, 2021, 2:14 AM by Greg Fitch

W1 SOTA Campout 2021

July 16th Friday to July 19th Monday, 2021

We had a great time camping and activating the past three years with SOTA operators from several states.  This is an opportunity for those who participate in or have interest in the “Summits on the Air” SOTA program to meet each other, have conversation, learn and activate SOTA summits in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Join in for the entire three-night campout or for as many nights as you would like or just stop by for a while, it is an informal gathering.

Make your reservation at:  Campton Campground

There are both tent and RV sites available.  Senior Pass allows for discount.

Please email me at: bobac1z.nh@gmail.com to let me know which site you reserve or if you are interested in stopping by the campground for a while or joining others for dinner at the nearby Mad River Tavern Saturday July 17th 6:30pm.

Bob AC1Z - Alton, NH Email: bobac1z.nh@gmail.com

Campton Campground is one of the first National Forest campgrounds visitors encounter when driving north on Interstate 93. On Route 49 about 2 miles east exit 28 off Route 93, this location has 58 sites scattered amongst ancient white pine trees.


This site can be reserved by calling Toll Free 1-877-444-6777 (International 518-885-3639 or TDD 877-833-6777) or on-line at Recreation.gov


$25 fee per night

Open Season:

May - mid-October

Closest Towns:

Campton, NH




Flush Toilet Coin Showers

Operated By:

Pro-Sport, Inc


See Web sites below for more info and to reserve a site at the campground:

https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/whitemountain/recarea?recid=74587 https://www.recreation.gov/camping/campgrounds/232178

GPS Coordinates of Campground: Latitude: 43.873447  Longitude: -71.626717

Activities include:

SOTA Activating during the Day – Friday July 16th to Monday 19th, 2021 – Let others know your activation plans for Summit to Summits.

Friday July 16th – Initial gathering, conversation, campfire, Food and Drink at 5:30pm.  Bring your favorite SOTA gear, pictures, videos, etc. to share with others.

Saturday July 17th - Meet at Mad River Tavern Restaurant for dinner at 6:30pm.  Located within minutes from Campton campground.

Sunday July 18th and Monday July 19th  -  More SOTA Activating and gatherings.

Some SOTA Summits near Campton Campground

 All suggested trails are designated and maintained except as noted.  Other trails or ways to summits are possible.

 Listed in order of driving time from campground to parking - source: Google maps:


  • Sandwich Mt. -W1/HA-020 - 10 points – 9 minute drive to Parking Area                                GPS 43.93820, -71.51084  Drakes Brook and Sandwich Mt. Trails 4.3 mile hike to summit 3980 ft. – Elevation Gain Approx. 2600 ft. – Small lookout area at summit with nice view.
  • Mt Tripyramid North-W1/HA-033- 10 points – 14 minute drive to GPS 43.965895, -71.513712 Livermore S Trailhead parking off Tripoli Rd.  Livermore, Scaur Ridge and Pine Bend Brook Trails to 4180 ft summit – Elevation Gain approx. 2600ft. Lookout at summit and area to set up antenna.
  • Mt. Tecumseh – W1/HA-015 -10 points – 14 minute Drive to Mt Tecumseh Trailhead –2.2 miles to summit 4003ft. - Elevation Gain approx. 2100ft - View at summit clearing.
  • Mt Osceola -W1-HA-011-10 points - 26 min drive to Tripoli Road parking lot                                 GPS  43.983498, -71.559945 – Mt. Osceola Trail 3.2 miles to summit 4340 ft. -Elevation Gain approx. 2050 ft. – Great view at summit large area for antenna.
  • Also, several 1, 2 and 6 point summits within minutes.  Details later. 

April Meeting (virtually) This Thursday, April 8th

posted Apr 6, 2021, 1:52 PM by Greg Fitch   [ updated Apr 6, 2021, 1:52 PM ]

Impedance Measurements & Transmission Lines with Greg Algieri WA1JXR - This Thursday at 7pm on Zoom

The presentation will cover understanding of complex Impedance.
Also give you a visualization of what really happens to the RF in your transmission line.
Finally will close out with a discussion of RF connectors used in Ham Radio

A little bit about our friend Greg Algieri WA1JXR :

First licensed as WN1JXR in 1967. Amateur Radio lead me to pursue a career in Electrical Engineering, earning BSEE and MSEE degrees from the Univ. of R.I. I have worked for Raytheon Co. on RADAR Systems for 42 years as a Senior Principal RF/uW Design Engineer. Retired end 2019.
I’m not a Contester or chase DX, but just a “Rag Chew” QSO operator.
I’m mostly a CW Operator, enjoy QRP Operation. One of the founding members of the NE QRP Club.
I also enjoy refurbishing and operating the old “hollow state” boat anchor tube rigs from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.
Enjoy teaching ham radio license classes and giving talks and seminars on Antennas, Transmission Lines, and Antenna Modeling, Circuit Modeling and Vector Network Analyzer antenna measurements. Enjoy exposing new Ham operators to CW. The first digital mode!

Zoom is easy - go to website zoom.us and setup and account then download program to your computer or install app on your phone or tablet.

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Zoom Meeting Wednesday - Winlink part 2 with K1EHZ

posted Jan 24, 2021, 2:55 PM by Greg Fitch   [ updated Jan 24, 2021, 2:58 PM ]

Jay Taft K1EHZ will be returning this Wednesday, January 27th, to join our Zoom meeting.  This week he will focus on walking us through the Winlink software setup.  If you missed the first Zoom meeting with Jay you can view it on the home page.

If you have not yet downloaded and installed Winlink, please go to https://winlink.org/ and download it.  Follow Downloads>User Programs>Winlink_Express_Install.

For the .pdf file on how to set up Winlink please click here.

Zoom Meeting Wednesday - Winlink with K1EHZ

posted Jan 18, 2021, 4:51 AM by Greg Fitch

This week the WMARC weekly Wednesday Video Meeting will have host Jay Taft K1EHZ.  Jay will be discussing Winlink.  If interested in setting up Winlink or following along with the presentation, please follow these directions to get your computer ready to go.

The Zoom talk on January 20th will include an introduction to Winlink
Global Email, current NH ARES Winlink activities, and getting started
using Winlink.

The training goal of the meeting could be for the group to be able to
use Winlink by Telnet over the internet.

In preparation, participants should go to Winlink.org, then the Download
tab, then User Programs, then Winlink Express install. Install the
program then open Settings and fill in basic information to open a
Winlink email account. The address will be callsign@winlink.org.
Attached is a pdf that provides additional information.

If there is time and interest, we could also go over VHF modes. Several
Winlink modes use the same equipment as FLdigi, so those who are doing
FLdigi have what is needed for Winlink. That said, I find Winlink easier
to learn and use than FLdigi.

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NEAR-Fest XXIX Cancelled!

posted Jan 13, 2021, 4:08 AM by Greg Fitch   [ updated Jan 13, 2021, 4:09 AM ]

January 12th 2021.....


Dear Friends of NEAR-Fest.....

I am sure that just everyone knew this was coming but this makes it is official.

The latest announcement is from the Dayton Amateur Radio Association.....Hamvention 2021 is cancelled.    

Given the current Coronavirus situation with new cases reported every day at astronomical levels (on January 8th there were 7,110 in Mass. alone) and the fact that the vaccination process is running behind schedule we have decided that April 30th/May 1st 2021 is far too soon to hold NEAR-Fest XXIX and guarantee that it will safe for all.  Consequently I have this day notified the Deerfield Fair Association that we have decided to cancel it.

This decision was not taken lightly but it is also a no brainer.  As you know this is the third NEAR - Fest that had to be cancelled because of Covid-19.  The good news is that NEAR-Fest XXX is scheduled for October 15th and 16th, 2021 and, for the first time since this started, I am fully confident this will be our grand “NEAR-Fest Homecoming!”

Advance tickets and parking passes that were sold for NEAR- Fest XXIX will be valid for NEAR-Fest-XXX.  However anyone wanting a full refund may have it.  Email w1rc@near-fest.com for details.

For more information visit http://forum.near-fest.com/index.php?topic=1522.0

Please advise your club/association members.

73 and see you all on October 15th!

Mister Mike, W1RC
Benevolent Dictator
New England Amateur Radio Festival, Inc.

WMARC January 14th Meeting, How to SOTA with the web

posted Jan 3, 2021, 3:58 PM by Greg Fitch   [ updated Jan 3, 2021, 4:00 PM ]

Bob - AC1Z
Bob Daniels - AC1Z is back with a deep dive on SOTA Website(s) Explanation.

This will be a Zoom presentation.  For more information about our Zoom presentations please sign up for our mailing list on the home page.

Thursday January 14th at 7pm on Zoom

  • SOTA Home Page
    • Joining In – Register an Account
    • Intro to Chasing
    • Intro to Activating
  • General Rules
  • W1 Association Reference Manual ARM
    • Summit Operation Criteria
    • Point Bands
    • Seasonal Bonus
  • SOTA Leaflet
  • SOTAWatch3
    • Spotting
      • Spot Settings
    • Adding a Spot
    • Alerting
      • Alert Settings
    • Adding an Alert
  • Logging a Chaser Contact
    • From SOTAWatch3
  • Database
    • View Results
      • Activators
      • Chasers
      • Summit to Summit
      • Completes
    • Submit Logs
      • Activators
      • Chasers
      • Summit to Summit
    • Uploading From Another Program
  • Mapping
    • Association/Region
    • Summits with Reference
    • Custom Maps
      • Terrain
      • Satellite
      • 4U
      • CalTop
    • Summit Details Click on Summit
  • Reflector
  • SOTA Shop
  • SOTA Facebook

WMARC upcoming Speakers for 2021 - subject to change

posted Jan 3, 2021, 3:52 PM by Greg Fitch

  • January 6 Bob Daniels - AC1Z His experiences w/ SOTA (Wednesday Zoom Meeting)
  • January 14 Bob Daniels - AC1Z SOTA website explanation 
  • January 20 Jay Taft - K1EHZ WinLink (Wednesday Zoom Meeting)
  • February 3 Christian Bravo - W4ALF Portable operations (Wednesday Zoom Meeting)
  • February 11 Paul Topolski - W1SEX Oscilloscopes 
  • February 17 Tom Fagan - K7DF Lightning (Wednesday Zoom Meeting)
  • March 3 Tom Fagan - K7DF Grounding (Wednesday Zoom Meeting)
  • March 11 David Weiss - N1DOU FT-8 
  • April 8 Greg Algieri - WA1JXR Impedance Measurements & Transmission Lines
For more information about our Weekly Wednesday Zoom Meetings please join the club mailing list on home page, www.w1mwv.org

Monthly Club Meeting 12/10/20

posted Dec 9, 2020, 4:46 AM by Greg Fitch   [ updated Dec 9, 2020, 4:47 AM ]

The White Mountain Amateur Radio Club continues to meet virtually on Zoom.  This month the presentation will be Soldering with Steve Johnston, WD8DAS.
Steve Johnston, WD8DAS, has been a destroyer, repairer, builder, and restorer of electronic equipment nearly all his life.  He started taking apart radios as a youngster and became a ham at age 13.  He was active in school radio clubs, including the University of Akron's W8UPD in Ohio and, in later days, the international NERT radio club, and holds a BA in History and a Masters of Business Administration.  A broadcast engineer for the past 30 years, Steve is now offering consulting services to broadcast and security professionals..  In the rare hours not spent with radio and electronics he pursues his other avocation as a writer and historian. He has been a ham for 40+ years and has two grown children.  Steve lives near Madison, Wisconsin. 
For more information about the White Mountain Amateur Radio Club join our mailing list, available on the home page.

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