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Estate Sale

Estate Sale


Icom 746 PRO (HF,6 M, 2 M)

With original box, manual, hand mic and SP-21 speaker.

Also general coverage receive .030-60 MHz and 108-148 MHz.

Max power out 100 watts on all bands (40 watts out on AM).

Cosmetically and electrically 100%.

Checks out as 100%.

Full power out all bands, tuner works beautifully, internal keyer for hand key, bug or dual paddles.

eham review:

Universal Radio spec sheet:

Price for all: $799.00 for pick up (Eaton, NH) or local delivery (within 50 miles)

Shipping at UPS cost (insured) in original box (SP-21 will be shipped in separate box).


Thaire Bryant, W2APF


phone: 603-447-2376