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W1MWV ARRL Field Day 2014

posted Jun 5, 2014, 7:35 PM by White Mountain Amateur Radio Club   [ updated Jun 5, 2014, 7:37 PM ]
Welcome to White Mountain ARC Field Day 2014!  It will be another fun event.

We will finalize this year's plans at the next club meeting on June 12.  I have some tentative information to give us a starting place. It's listed below.


Place - We will be back at Tin Mountain

Time - Setup antennas will be Friday, June  27th starting about 2pm - Greg is in charge, same antennas as last year
            Setup stations will be Saturday June 28th starting at 10am
            Field Day operating starts at 2pm Saturday June 28 and runs through 2pm Sunday June 29, if we last that long

Coordinators - Setup and tear down - Greg KB1EZJ
                          Operating and reporting - John K1ESE
                          Food - Luke KB1IIR

Stations -  We will be class "3A"  Three Alpha
                   80/20 (10?) SSB - Club trailer
                   40/15 SSB - Greg KB1EZJ - Larry's camper
                   All band CW - John K1ESE - Greg's camper
                   GOTA - Tim N1LYT - Tim's camper

Equipment and Antenna Inventory
                   80/20 (10?) SSB - ?, G5RV
                   40/15 SSB - IC718, 40 meter dipole
                   All band CW - K2/100, Ladder line doublet, balun, tuner
                   GOTA - Tim's setup

                   Generators, cords, plugstrips
                   Mic, headphones, splitters, CW key
                   Radio power supplies
                   Tables or chairs
                   Desk lamp, flashlight
                   Fire extinguishers

Computers - We will need a laptop for each station (4 in all) running the old version of N3FJP Field Day software

Bonus Points -  Media Publicity - Art KB1TX
                           Public Information Table - Steve K1AME
                           Message Origination to Section Manager - John K1ESE
                           Message Handling - John K1ESE
                           Satellite QSO - Greg KB1EZJ
                           Alternate Power - Tim N1LYT
                           W1AW Bulletin - Steve K1AME
                           Educational activity - Greg KB1EZJ
                           Site Visitation by an elected governmental official - Greg KB1EZJ
                           Site Visitation by a representative of an agency - Kevin N1IME
                           Youth Participation Bonus -
                           Pictures of all this - Mary N1RKO

Operators - SSB Saturday afternoon - Dean K1ERO, Ruth K1ERP, Merl1 KB1RJD, Herm KB1RJC, (need up to 4 more)
                     SSB Saturday evening - Joe KB3UHP, Greg KB1EZJ, (need at least 2 more)
                     SSB Saturday night - Mary N1RKO, John W1DRG, (need 2 more)
                     SSB Sunday Morning - Larry N1XUX, Dave N1CCB (need 2 more)

                     CW John K1ESE, Steve K1AME

                     GOTA - Tim N1LYT

Meals - Lunch and Dinner Saturday, Breakfast and Lunch Sunday

Operating Notes -
                     Using the radio
                                 Tuning the antenna
                     Using the computer
                     Using the software
                     Operating techniques
                                  Run (call CQ)
                                  S&P (when to tune around)

Exchange - W1MWV   3A  New Hampshire
                     SSB -
                              Whiskey One Mike Whiskey Victor
                              Three Alpha,  New Hampshire
                    CW -
                              W1MWV  3A  NH

That should get us started!  See you at the meeting on the 12th.  If you want to get me before that, email to

73 de K1ESE